Me & My Thorogoods – Q&A with Henry Shackleton, Owner Mandon Store in Leeds

The love for Thorogood boots extends far and wide. To share their love stories, we speak to interesting men and women around the world to find out just what make these boots so special.

What pair (or pairs) do you own, Henry?

I have 3 pairs of Thorogoods, the Roofer, the Moc Toe and the round toe. 


How long have you had your boots for?

The oldest pair I have are 6 years old now, they are the Moc Toe. They have worn in amazingly and I haven't had to do anything with them other than change the laces. 


What is the best place, occasion or time to wear Thorogood boots?

My boots get worn for all occasions!! It was only my wedding in the last 6 years that has stopped me wearing mine. 


What was your favourite moment wearing Thorogood boots?

There are so many moments, but the one, which stands out to me, was the first time I went to Canada in the winter. It was minus 22 and snowing horrendously!!! My feet were the only thing that stayed warm throughout the 2 week trip..... If only Thorogood made jackets!


Why do you love them?

I love the classic design. But most of all, I love the supple leather and slim sole unit. I own Redwings as well, but Thorogood boots are good to go from the moment you buy them.

Henry Shackleton Owner Mandon Store in Leeds


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