Be thoroughly good this Christmas and buy someone some Thorogoods!

With a rich history in serving the finest feet in America, Thorogood launched a limited edition collection in the UK this summer, and with the classic styles just as popular in the winter, these are five good reasons why they would make the ideal Christmas gift.

    1. Versatile - available in everyone’s favourite colours (black and tobacco) means that they can be worn for all kinds of adventures in the city and beyond. If you’re looking for a gift for your boyfriend, you will win some extra brownie points, and if you’re feeling a little bit of brotherly love, these are perfect for your sibling to impress his mates at the pub.
    2. Practical – being leather and insulated, with reinforced eyelets and sole, means that they are designed to be worn, and worn, and worn. So if you know someone who needs boots to wear with everything, then these boots should definitely make the shortlist. Selected styles have steel toes, so you can wear them for heavy work too. Even better - we’ve made the leather super easy to break in, so no pesky new shoes feeling, or blisters - making them a great buy for sensitive souls to boot!
    3. Not too smart, not too casual the Moc Toe looks great worn with jeans and a shirt; They are equally acceptable with a pair of joggers when you are chilling out, and the cushioned insole will make them the perfect day to night option. Taking note of this winter’s fashion rules of layering, rolled up trousers and beanies, will allow the boots to complement and not rule the look
    4. Available now! You can order online, so they are also the ideal gift for the lazy shopper. Get them delivered to yourself or your loved one, and rest assured that even though they were born in America, you can still get them sent to you in time for Christmas.
    5. The price. If you need something that is great value for money and will last a lifetime (with a bit of careful TLC and some leather oil), this is the investment present that will guarantee you will be appreciated forever. You just have to worry about topping it next year, but you’ve got twelve months to ponder that!

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